USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Adapter

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Product features:

1. Type-C interface socket end size and Micro USB  specifications like the original small, it is8.3mm*2.5mm;

2. Can withstand 10000 times repeated plug;

3. Both sides can be inserted into the support reversible function.

4.Slim design;

5.The maximum data transfer rate up to 10GBit/s, USB3.1 standard;

6.Standard equipped with a Type-C. 7.connector connecting line via the 3A current, also support beyond the existing USB power supply capacity of the"USB PD", can provide a maximum of 100 W electric power.


Product advantage:

1. A single powerful interface can also support data, audio, and video, power.

2.(10G/S) / power (3~5A) / power (~100W) index improved significantly;

3. Can realize reversible plug and exchange interface;

4.Robust EMI performance;

5.Downward compatible with USB2.03.0USB PD, although the interface is different but by switching to achieve.

6.The miniaturization of support (only large slightly more than Micro USB) high speed bidirectional data transmission, two channels at the same time can support 20G/S